Superlux 669 & 668B – Review

I recently stumbled across what is in some circles called the king of cheap headphones. The Superlux 669 and 668B sports a design you would expect to see in the control room of a Russian nuclear submarine. It has a retro robust military styling that you either love or hate.


Bass is well defined and Mids and high’s are very clear and all for about $40. They can’t be found on amazon anymore but you can find it’s open back brother the 668B more easily which are equally as good with some differences in sound properties due to the open back design and vents on the ear cup, I think the 668B has more low end and the 669 has tighter mids and highs but it’s very close. Both have a 56 Ohm impedance so not super hard to drive but will sound best with an entry level DAC.


In the box both come with a generic black canvas bag, 1/4″ adapter and two cables one long, one short which are 3.5 extensions as unusually there is a 3.5mm male protruding from the headset. This is a good design as it can flex and detach if necessary although I wound’t test it too much but then again you’d have to be running out the door to damage it and your not going to forget these are on your head anytime soon.

They are reasonably light and comfortable but the 669’s pads are a little better but after long sessions your ears might need a break. I would recommend getting the Brainwavz XL round pads as this transforms them into a wear it all day headphone. The clamping force is strong and the flappy pads need adjusting but if you stretch it out you can manipulate the headphones to fit perfectly snug no matter what shape your noggin is. Did I mention soundstage? These are very good for gaming too so before you go buying a $200 headset that has disco lights consider these and perhaps a Samson Go Connect.

You can get the 668B on amazon US here as the 669 is out of stock, it’s as rare as a rainbow unicorn and might have to be ordered from overseas luckily there is another variation on these which are 32 Ohm’s instead of 56 which means they are even easier to drive with portable devices. They are the Samson SR950 closed back and the SR850 open back version.  They look very similar to the Superlux but come with velour pads which are actually pretty darn decent. I would say the Samson’s have a tad more bass, still very good and definitely worth considering.





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