Best Budget Gaming Headset Combo Setup you never heard about

Usually you are blitzed with all the usual vendors for the ultimate headset with useless RGB lighting etc.

Wireless is handy but sound will never be as good as what you will get from a decent set of cans and all motherboard sound cards are generally crap. They have lot’s of interference from the motherboard and are not really a priority for motherboard manufactures.

Here are 3 items that give you a complete headset setup with audiophile quality audio that blow every gaming headset you can think of out of the water.

First we have the Philips SHP9500S it is an open back headphone so others in the room will hear what you are listening to but it has decent sound-stage, imaging and clarity. It also sounds fantastic with music of most genres. It has also been touted as one of the most comfortable headphones ever, It has a unique fabric which is like something you would find on a Honda Civic Type-R seat but it works and works very well. The cups are also huge, I am talking 4 knuckle wide even bigger than a Sennheiser HD 660s. The other feature this has is a removable cable which allows us to use the next item.


The V-Moda Boompro is a mic that can be inserted into the SHP9500S it has decent clarity and in-line volume and mute controls. If you are a little strapped for cash you can always opt for this cheaper alternative Universal Boom Mic. Another neat thing is this will work in your gaming console.


This then leads me to the final piece of the puzzle a dedicated DAC which stands for Digital To Analogue Converter. I give you the Syba Sonic SD-DAC63057 24bit 96KHz USB 2.0 plus Stereo Headphone Amplifier it is powerful enough to drive most cans and for the SHP9500 it works wonders and is much clearer than the usual Realtek offering on your motherboard. It has a top down volume knob which is very ergonomic indeed. You can also plug the mic from the v-moda into it. This item also has a line in on the front and RCA, optical and coaxial out on the rear. You also only have to power it from your usb port on your computer. Oh did I mention the Treble and Bass boost, it’s subtle but can make a difference to what you are listening to. If you need a bass kick with EDM or some more treble to add a little more detail to a game of CS-GO you now have that option.


The whole package will come to about $130-150 depending on what mic you get and it is cheaper than some of the premium gaming headsets but you do get crisper sound thanks to the DAC and a headphone you can also use for music that sounds almost as good as some $300 headphones.

Buy the SHP9500s from Amazon here.

Buy the V-Moda Boom Pro here.

Buy the Syba Sonic SD_DAC63057 here.

Buy the Universal Boom Mic here.

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